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Speak up, judge righteously, and defend the rights of the afflicted and oppressed.

Proverbs 31:9

Christian Voices For America is a group of men and women that are dedicated to praying for the conservative values for our country as we speak up for our faith and for the future of our country. 

Your voice matters. Join Christian Voices For America by simply adding your email above and connect with Christian voices around our country that uphold our faith and values for our nation. You'll receive our exclusive newsletter of topics to pray for which brings awareness and will offer educational speaking points to help guide conversations around our faith and values. Membership is free by simply adding your email address to our growing community of voices that are dedicated to pray for our Nation. See how to become a Founding Member or a Visionary Member Below. Christian Voices For America is a program of Honeycutt Ministries. 



Our founders are those who believe in helping propel the vision of Christian Voices For America forward as we seek to embolden Gods people to speak up for our faith in our country. Become a Founder today with a financial gift of $1,000 or more. Founders will receive a certificate of your dedicated membership to Christian Voices For America, a program of Honeycutt Ministries. 

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Our Founders serve in a vital role as they support Christian Voices For America through their giving which enables CV4A to have the greatest impact in...

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The Visionaries of Christian Voices For America are devoted through prayer, partnership and through their giving which enables...

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Become a member of the Christian Voices For America simply by adding your email to our growing community.

About Our Founder

Christian Voices For America is a program of Honeycutt Ministries. Founder, Kristen Honeycutt is an Evangelist who travels throughout the country sharing the message of our faith. Kristen stated, "I've always been passionate about politics and as an Evangelist I believe that the Church does have a place in politics as our faith and voice shape the nation. I felt called to...


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Kristen Honeycutt Founder of Honeycutt M

Kristen Honeycutt

...start Christian Voices For America earlier this year. While attending event at President Trumps home at Mar-A-Lago it was confirmed that was the direction I should go in. We hope to encourage Christians around our nation to speak up on our values as Proverbs 31:9 inspires us to do and to connect Christian voices that care about our future as a country."

At Christian Voices For America, we hope to inspire others to be devoted to pray for our country in areas of need and to educate believers in how they can speak up for our faith. Our faith is shared in our conservative values and we hope to make a difference by connecting and inspiring those who care both for God and country.  


Honeycutt at President Trumps Mar-A-Lago in Florida

Christian Voices For America is a community where conservative voices can learn and pray for the future of our Nation. We're grateful to belong to CV4A.  

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