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Visionary Level


The Visionaries of Christian Voices For America are devoted through prayer, partnership and through their giving which enables CV4A to impact in our country. Visionaries see the end goal and the clear path to how to accomplish all that is set before us. By becoming a Visionary you are leading and helping us to pass the baton to others so that we can carry our faith into the future of our country. We believe that God is emboldening His people to speak up on behalf of our values and to not stay silent as we inspire all generations towards faith, life and the freedom that we hold dear. We encourage you to give into fertile soil as we are striving to educate multiple generations and displaying the power of prayer as we connect Christian Voices For America with one another. By becoming a Visionary your giving goes to support the operations of Christian Voices For America, sends us to represent Christian Conservative values in various arenas, supports conservative initiatives through our donations to trusted organizations that uphold Pro-Israel and Pro-Life standards, and includes a special gift to recognize your dedication to passing the baton to the next generation for the future of our country by supporting Christian Voices For America.  

Christian Voices For America is a program of Honeycutt Ministries

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