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Together, we can do more.
We're grateful for our partners and friends support through your prayers, your encouragement and your giving. Generosity creates change in our lives, in the lives around us and in the lives we're able to reach through God and ministry. Thank you for making a difference with us. 

All donations are Tax Deductible with Honeycutt Ministries 501(c)(3) Non Profit

Give A One Time Donation

Give online with our secure checkout process. Click here to give. 

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Partner With Us

Become a monthly partner with Honeycutt Ministries by giving monthly.

  • For monthly online giving, click here then select the box that says "Make this a monthly donation" upon checking out.

  • For monthly giving by check or mail, simply submit your mailing address below to receive a monthly donation form. 

Thanks for becoming a partner with us! You will receive a monthly partner form to make your monthly donation by check or card through mail. 

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