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For The Greater Cause of Encouraging Adoption versus Abortion

Embraced with Kristen Honeycutt is an Adoption Sponsorship Fund and Program with Honeycutt Ministries that seeks to provide financial assistance for families in the adoption process in the United States. Embraced is dedicated to domestic only adoption assistance for the greater cause of encouraging adoption versus abortion in our nation. As we continue to “fight the good fight” for every baby to be saved instead of aborted in our nation we also have a call to help provide assistance to families to give a home to children that are in the adoption process.

We need your donations and support as our applications outweigh our current ability to provide sufficient funds. Please consider giving to Honeycutt Ministries as every donation counts and no amount is too small. 

Families are invited to apply for funding assistance from the Embraced with Kristen Honeycutt Adoption Sponsorship Fund - Funding will not be granted to each applicant. Funding may only assist in current verified bills to the adoption agency and may not pay in full. This is a ministry of Honeycutt Ministries and seeks to provide some financial assistance for adoptive families from donations received by Honeycutt Ministries. Financial assistance for adoptive families awarded as an equal opportunity. There is no application deadline. Families are invited to apply anytime after completing their home study and before finalization. Financial need, perseverance, and imminence of the adoption must be demonstrated. We reserve the right to contact the adoption agency for verification. Funds that are granted are paid directly to the adoption agency on the applicants behalf. To apply, fill out this application and submit to - To donate please click here to GIVE to Honeycutt Ministries. 

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