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Kristen Honeycutt  

After serving over the past decade+ in ministry for others I began to experience the call towards a refocus - predominantly, to serve in my ministry to my children. If there is one thing that I have learned in this journey of balancing ministry to others and the ministry of motherhood it's that if you'll truly follow the calling of God on your life and be willing to close doors while walking through new doors that God opens for you, you will find yourself in the midst of wonderful experiences that you never saw coming. Trust God, completely. I followed the peace of God that led me into a completely new season where I have found the most beautiful and simple joy. If you're following along with my journey then I hope that I can encourage you to do this: Follow Peace. Follow the peace of God and where He is leading you. There are writings of publishings in the works, an occasional podcast and speaking engagements here and there - and this is still the place for that! Taking the front row seat in my childrens lives and for dreams I placed on the shelf years ago. More to come!

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the basics: 

Serving in ministry to others for over a decade, Kristen Honeycutts current focus is raising her family and writing for publications. Kristen Honeycutt attended Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee. She received her Ministers license from Marcus Lamb of  Daystar TV Network in 2010 and continued ministry as a speaker at services, conferences, universities and events. Her heart has been for Women's Ministry as a speaker and as a consultant for ministry leaders across the country. She writes at, founder of Honeycutt Ministries Non-profit Organization, has served women through various women/family organizations, she served on staff as Women's Pastor of the Women's Ministry for the DIVINE ministry at Free Chapel for Pastors Jentezen and Cherise Franklin in Georgia for 4 years, she can be seen as a guest on Daystar TV Network show(s) The Panel, appearances on The Christian View on the Angel Network, hosted The Lively Show Podcast, appearances as a guest on the 91.5 FM Radio Show Rise & Stein and other Radio programs, her local national missions have been focused in South Dakota, Tennessee and Georgia while her international missions travel includes Cambodia, Thailand and Malaysia as well as involvement at ministries in and traveling to Israel and Australia. Kristen formerly served as an ambassador for Live Action, which strives to end abortion as Honeycutt Ministries has had projects and campaigns for adoption versus abortion. Kristen served as a voice with Christian leaders from around the world for our nation at Mar-a-Lago. Connecting with others and pointing them to God has always been at the heart of her serving. 

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