"From motherhood to ministry
to advocating for what is right - 
this is life as I know it
and I call it good!"

- Kristen Honeycutt - 

the basics: 

Kristen Honeycutt is from Gainesville, Georgia and she met her husband, Cameron Honeycutt from North Carolina while they were attending Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee. Together, they have a three children; 4 year old son, Auden Honeycutt and a 2 year old son, Hudson Honeycutt and expecting baby number 3 in July of 2021.


Kristen received her Ministers license from Marcus Lamb of  Daystar TV Network in 2010 and is active as a speaker at services, conferences, universities and events. Her heart is for Women's Ministry as a speaker and as a consultant for ministry leaders across the country. She writes at, founder of Honeycutt Ministries Non-profit Organization, has served women through various women/family organizations, she served on staff as Pastor of the Women's Pastor for the DIVINE ministry at Free Chapel for Pastors Jentezen and Cherise Franklin in Georgia for 4 years, she can be seen as a guest on Daystar TV Network show(s) The Panel, appearances on The Christian View on the Angel Network, hosted The Lively Show Podcast, her local national missions have been focused in South Dakota, Tennessee and Georgia while her international missions travel includes Cambodia, Thailand and Malaysia as well as involvement at ministries in and traveling to Israel and Australia. Kristen is an ambassador for Live Action, which strives to end abortion as Honeycutt Ministries has ongoing projects and campaigns for adoption versus abortion. She recently served as a voice with Christian leaders from around the world for our nation at President Trumps Florida home, Mar-a-Lago at the Pro Israel Political AC. Kristens passion for God leads her to various spaces of ministry, politics and projects where she points people back to the word of God. 

Kristen's energy for sharing her passion for God and inspiring others to live their best life is simple and welcoming. She's a homebody that loves her family and loves sharing a peek into their world as they go on their journeys in life together. Whether its through ministry or a funny story on motherhood - her heart is simply to connect with others.


Married for nearly 10 years and living in almost every state in the southeast USA since - the Honeycutt's reside in Kristens hometown and home state - the peach state of Georgia! 

"Jesus. Cameron. Auden. Hudson. A new baby on the way. Calling. Those are the six things at the top of my list.  (My list is growing as my family grows!) Here, you'll find a collaboration between all of the things I love and everything in-between. With a fervent passion – my heart is for reaching others, inspiring lives and making a difference. From motherhood to ministry to advocating for what is right - this is life as I know it and I call it good! I'm a retired Women's Pastor (partially joking - I served as the staff Women's Pastor at Free Chapel in Gainesville, Georgia for 4 years before my husband moved us to Florida where we began a journey of cultivating an intentional family-centric lifestyle that has taught us the beauty in chosen simplicity. Continuing in ministry as I travel to speak, engaging in television ministry, ministry leader consultations and campaign for projects close to my heart is such a joy. Now, back in my home state of Georgia I am first and foremost a full time mom where I get to balance ministry and mommyhood with writing, traveling, consulting and speaking. With two boys and a third baby on the way our life can be quite chaotic - we aren't a perfect family but we strive towards what is right and we're sharing our lessons and encouragement to others along the way. We travel, we like to think of ourselves as "down to earth", we're homebodies, we cook, we clean, we're real, we love God, we love the outdoors, we love adventures, we love people, we love family and we love connecting with others - which is why I love sharing my heart and world right here with you!" - Kristen Honeycutt


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