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From gardening, motherhood, family, home, to home education, to encouragement in your daily walk with God - that's what you will find here.

Simple connection and inspiration.

Enjoy. KH

Have you ever read "The Wild Goose Chase"? If not, you should. It's one of those books I've read several times over and it messes me up every time. Essentially, in a very small nut shell.... it teaches about how letting God guide you in life can be like being on a wild goose chase. This book has taught me to truly set all of my desires in life on a shelf and actually go in wild directions that God has led us in that sometimes haven't made sense in the moment... but wow do they do later.

If you've followed my journey then you know I've been involved with a lot of really great things through life. I've been very blessed in the sense that God has used me to do things that I've always wanted to do. I began feeling a nudge to be silent and pull away for a year when my third child was born. I spent that year with intention following the nudges of the Lord in our lives. I set my desires on the shelf and began focusing intently on my family, on being a mother to my three sons, on being the wife that God had called me to be, on connecting to the ancient paths that the word of God speaks of, being intentional about spending time outdoors in nature and raising my children in a more simple environment rather than a busy technological society that I saw coming for their little minds. There has been a refining period in my life that has led me into new experiences that I never saw coming. My goals and dreams today are vastly different than they were a few years ago and that is because I have learned how to lay down my expectations and to let God guide me and our family into the seasons and expectations that He has for us. What a beautiful place the secret place can be when you get alone with God. This refining period has almost caused me to delete all social media multiple times (which I still may do), this refining period has caused us to long for simplicity, natural paths for our health and home, and investing in our family at home more. This past year, God has led me into an overwhelming call of homeschooling our children which has changed the focus and the desires in my life in many ways. That leads me to the question... what is this, then? These posts? This is a place where I can share the things that I enjoy, things that inspire me, this is a way to connect outside of social media, this is something for me. This is really for me to have another place besides social media to write and share the things that I love because that brings happiness to me and so that's what this is. For me. And if you want to follow along, then welcome! :)

Ministry has been a big part of my life and so I will always enjoy writing about inspirational devotions that guide us towards the Lord and I so enjoy when the Lord uses me as a vessel on a stage from time to time, but I have also tasted the sweet goodness of God and His fulfillment as I have invested more of my ministry into ministry to my family. Two things that were said to me that have shaped my life were from one of my best friends parents who also mentored me in many ways, Marcus and Joni Lamb. Mr. Marcus told me that "if your family is on the rocks then your ministry is on the rocks." This statement was told to me as he signed my ministers license and gave me some of his gold nugget wisdom that I have treasured. That statement has always caused me to make sure that my ministry to my family was priority and here recently has been the only focus. Then, there's Mama Joni who has helped shape my ways as a mother in many ways. I called her before we left Georgia and moved to Florida a few years ago to get some advice and her response to me was that "ministry will always be there" and she proceeded to encourage me to invest into my husband and family instead during that time. I am so glad that God nudged me a few years ago to shift my focus more to my family and I am so thankful that I listened and followed this direction. I will always have a desire to witness - after all it is a command to us all not just those of us that have witnessed from a stage. I have dreams up my sleeve and unpublished writings that will someday come to fruition, but this season of a family focused life has been life altering for us in the most wonderful way possible. I even have to think that it has been legacy altering and generational altering because how I mother my 3 sons will impact their children and their childrens children. So what is this? These posts? This is a page where I can share other parts of my heart and hobbies; gardening, micro-farming, homeschooling experiences, outdoor adventures, reading books, being in the kitchen and trying out new things for myself or for my family and so these posts are a place for me to share those things in a way that brings me happiness outside of social media. In many ways this is something that I have been doing all along in a private manner...I have side conversations about a lot of these topics already where many of you ask me about places to visit or products I've shared and so these posts just make it more official way to share with more of you. If you're still following along... then welcome! Glad you're here :)


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