Stand With Israel

 * Above: Kristen Honeycutt Speaking with Marcus Lamb on Daystar TV at the Garden Tomb in Israel

Throughout the years, our great nation, The United States of America has supported our relationship with Israel - and I believe that although it’s always been of importance to pray for Israel that we’re in a special season right now where your prayers and your support for our relationship with Israel should be a top priority in our prayer life as we’re praying for our country. We ask that you pray for God to continue to strengthen the relationship between our nations, for God to raise up the right people for such a time as this and for those individuals to walk forward in their destiny proclaiming the values of our faith - We need to pray For God to embolden His people that believe in the relationship of the US and Israel to stand up, support and speak out for the health of Israel. We’re living in a crucial turning point in history where the decisions made now on so many points will determine a very different future for our children and generations to come. What can you do? Ask God how He’s leading you to help today. We need your prayers, you can help propel this vision forward financially and be part of our donation by giving here and we also encourage you to speak out on your values. There’s so many areas of our country that needs believers to stand up for what we believe in and I know God is connecting His people and calling his people to be bold in our faith and make a difference.


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