Let us act and sign while we talk

New York has passed regulations legalizing to kill babies up to 9 months in the womb. The size of my 8 lb 8 oz baby in my Facebook post photo would be full game in New York. 

Scientifically: the baby in the womb is a separate person with a separate body, separate DNA & it’s own separate blood type. “my body, my choice” is factually false - that’s science. It’s not your body, it’s not your heartbeat, it’s not your spinal cord being severed, it’s not your blood type, it’s not your DNA & it’s not your life being ended. It is not your body & is not your choice. Babies have survived outside of the womb as early as 22 weeks & 38 states recognize legally that if a pregnant mother is murdered it’s a double homicide counting the unborn baby as a separate person. Regardless the reason why someone would choose to have an abortion, murder should not be a right under any circumstances. Science says a beating heart is alive but then when the heart is stopped that’s called ending a life. Biblically: abortion is wrong as God is clear where He stands on murder & the concept that we can do what we choose with our bodies is contrary to scripture; “For you are not your own, you were bought with a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.” 1 Corinthians 6:19-20. The church has to speak up & be part of the movement to rescue these children as it is & will be one of the greatest travesties of our time to see millions murdered. I have pastored & mentored women from all walks of life who have dealt with depression & pain after their abortions. To say as a Christian or Pastor that it’s not your place to speak on this is to ignore your faith for gain of followers. Politically: an abortion-pro government succeeds in oppressing women by envoking impressions that they’re not able to carry out their design of our anatomy due to an inconvenience. Wake up women. It causes fear to win & strength to fail in the hearts of women giving them a false “out” that has more repercussions that are never advertised. Personally: with a 9 month baby in your womb you’ll have to deliver the child anyway, why not deliver it alive? That certainly is not healthcare. Exchange 9 months of your life for a lifetime of their life. Grieving #prolife #marchforlife   

Let’s have a small part in change. Everyone share and sign this petition in response to New York’s abortion law.


#whywemarch #chooselife #pregnancy #hope

#abortion #Baby #Babies #Prolife

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