Georgia, Here we come!

GEORGIA, here we come! Almost 2 years ago we moved to Florida for a great opportunity for Cameron. Florida has been such a wonderful season for our family. It’s been a season of slowed down simplicity, focus, closeness, free-time, intimacy with family, fun, memories, adventure and an incubator type situation that has been so nice. We knew when we moved to Florida that it wouldn’t be forever but we embraced the season for the time God had us there. We began praying that God would open up the right door once again for us to be close to family, to shift and align certain things in our life and for Cameron in his career at the right time. And won’t God do it! Cameron has received so many wonderful opportunities and had the choice of choosing the best one; a great promotion for him! I couldn’t be more proud of Cameron and grateful that God has always directed our paths. I’m also thankful that Cameron and I are always willing to drop anything and do what we believe God is leading us to do. Life following God is a wild adventure and has proven to be such a blessing for us and our family. We are so glad to transition and return to the real south - Transitioning to North Georgia, looking for our new home and selling our Florida home! (If anyone is looking for a great SWFL home, let me know!) Thank you to all of our wonderful family and friends who have kept in touch with us while in Florida! We’re excited to have our community, family and friends closer to do life with! Love you all! ❤️

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