Choosing Life

As a woman in ministry I have encountered countless women and girls who have been haunted by their decision to abort a baby in their past. That guilt, shame and realization of what has actually been done in order to rid theirselves of another human life isn't being talked about. I wonder if the angry women in the media have ever stopped long enough to hear an ultrasound heartbeat? What would happen if while listening to that heartbeat they also put a stethoscope up to their own heart to hear the same sound? To know that they too started life out the same way as the baby they're fighting to kill? The moment I first heard my babies beating hearts I wept at the miracle sound of another life - not my life - another life living inside of me. Those protesting to protect our children against gun violence aren't including protecting our babies against abortion violence; murder. To our women who don't know where you stand and to our young girls who are watching the news: There is an army of women who are not for abortion. There is another option; you don't have to be pro-choice just because you are female. We are the pro-life generation & we are made up of women & young girls who stand for life, for good, for a chance that these children may live. This army of women are for protecting the living human beings who don't have a voice or a choice. For those who want control over the human inside of them: consider adoption and let the human child live. There are other options. Research what's being done to get rid of the human inside of you; gruesome. Extend the hand of mercy to the life that's inside of you for 9 months & then if your heart hasn't changed by the time your baby is born you have options to never be connected to the baby again, if you so choose. Exchange 9 months of your life for a lifetime of theirs. In many cases, women think they're not ready for motherhood - let me tell you a secret: most all mothers aren't "ready" for motherhood. Motherhood is a beautiful adventure that we navigate together with our children. Motherhood has filled my heart with a love and a joy I never knew was missing. There are other options, there is another way.

Praying for all mothers who have had a past abortion today; praying that God will comfort them in their decision as they move forward in truth and Gods grace. Praying for all women and girls who are battling the choice for their life right now; praying that they will choose to let their baby live and offer their baby a mother in themselves or offer them to another mother through adoption. Praying for all who are for abortions to see truth and light, to have a heart change and save our children's lives. In Jesus name, Amen.

For More Facts, Info & To Get Involved: LIVE ACTION : @liveactionorg

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