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7 Tips on Marriage & Family

In a society where the family unit seems to be in such discord, we seem to get a lot of questions about how we make our marriage work the way we do. A loving and connected family in today's culture is achievable. Here are 7 quick and practical principles that we put together for you and that we practice in our marriage and family on a regular basis.

1. Family first means when other things come up we truly check with one another first to confirm if that wrench thrown in our schedule is good for the family. If not, we say no and put the family first. Sometimes others may take offense to that approach but we're not trying to be famous in others eyes, we want to be famous in our own home with one another. You can't be famous in your family if you're never around or investing into your family. Family simply comes first.

2. Cut out the media. In the mornings and evenings with each other we have a certain amount of time set aside where we turn the tv off, leave the phones in another room and go outside together or in the living room where we spend quality time together, uninterrupted and focused on each other.

3. Grow together. Reading with one another has been our vice. We have several books going at once usually but we will pick which one we want to read from and typically Cameron reads it out loud to us on the porch in the morning. It enriches conversation and enables us to grow together where that topic is concerned.

4. Peace above all. When you're making family decisions that will impact everyone always resort to following peace. Following peace doesn't always mean it's choosing the most peaceful option. Following peace means choosing the road you feel Gods peace leading you to.

5. Find an activity you enjoy doing together. On the weekends, we love being outside with our family. Sometimes that means playing in the yard, going on a hike when we lived in the mountains or now that we live next to the beach we are constantly exploring new islands and local restaurants. We are happiest when we are outside together.

6. Being peacemakers. In relational disagreements, we've found that peace is more valuable than ever arguing your point. Turmoil isn't worth it. "Blessed are the peacemakers." Matthew 5:9

7. Forgive & Vow Like You Mean It. Sometimes it's easier to forgive others when you remember all you've been forgiven of. Marriage isn't perfect, but in the same way that we love God so much where His kindness leads us to repentance - that goes for our marriage too. We all fall short and yet God has offered us mercy and grace. When that can be imitated in a marriage it beefs up the trust and desire for one another. Don't be so hard on one another. You most likely vowed, for better and for worse. Vow like you mean it.

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