It's More About Door #2

I never dreamt I would spend a Christmas season in South Florida under a palm tree beside blue waters and 85 degree weather. God has such wonderful plans for our lives if we can learn to let go and walk through the doors He opens for us. I want to encourage you today to embrace what God opens for you. Don't let the fear of "what if" scare you away from Gods purpose. Sometimes, Gods first open door leads you to another open door that you never saw coming BUT you can't get to door number 2 until you have the willingness and obedience to walk through door number 1.

I've spoken with countless people who fear that if they walk through the open door that they'll stay there in that place or season of life. I don't think I've ever walked through a door where God left me there. Doors lead to more doors. Everything has an expiration date. Enjoy where you are in this season and look for the next available door that God has for you. When it opens you'll be able to walk fully from one season to the next.

I am a southern girl raised in North Georgia who married a southern boy raised in North Carolina and met in college in the foothills of Tennessee. We had no idea that Southwest, Florida would be part of our lifelong story - yet here we are! The thought NEVER crossed my mind that we would be living in a paradise location that we had never even visited before the door opened to this location. It's not like we had vacationed here for years and decided to move.... we had never been here before the door opened to our unknown location. The Key: We know God's voice and we follow where He calls us. It is a season of blessing and a season of so much time depositing into us as a family. Will we be here forever? I don't know the answer to that question. I do know that while God says "stay" we will stay and if God says "go" we will go. Don't be afraid of what door number 1 will bring. If God has opened it for you, walk through it because it's more about door number 2.

It doesn't always make sense. I can remember thinking when the door to Florida was wide open, "this is all nonsense!" It was crazy to think we would leave our beautiful home in the countryside in Georgia and my wonderful role as a Pastor at our church to relocate our family to a place we really didn't know much about. We felt the hand of God and His peace on the open door and that's really all we needed to know. God makes sense out of nonsense. Since then, we've already seen the pieces of the puzzle come together and have had so many "ah-hah!" moments where we see God's current and future provision for us. There have already been moments where we looked at one another and said, "I feel like we are living the story we will tell for years to come." Those are beautiful moments when you can see that you're living in the story - the story that you'll share with your children and grandchildren, the story that you'll share with your community, the story of those individuals that God places in your path to help you reach your full purpose and destination. Those people are leaving a legacy and although we can't see the full picture at the moment we can say we are certainly grateful for those people God has placed in our path to make sense out of nonsense.

"He makes sense out of nonsense."

Following His plan will bring a life full of adventure, provision and blessing. Our culture today seems to try everything else besides God. If that's you today, give God room to prove Himself faithful. He is a good father. He loves you. He makes crooked paths straight. He makes sense out of nonsense. He makes a way where there is no way.

I pray for you this morning that you'll be able to find a quiet place and ask God to open the right doors for you and to show you which path to take. I pray that you'll have the courage to take the first step in the right direction and that you'll have no fear holding you back! Trust God. His timing is perfect. Know His voice. He will never lead you astray.

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