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Christmas was my favorite time of year until I became an adult. For the past few years I have loathed scurrying trying to find the perfect gifts for everyone which most of the time left my husband and myself just saying to one another.... "let's agree not to get each other something this year".... (x 6years.)

Not this year! Why?

I started early! Starting early is the key to actually enjoying the Christmas season. I know it's already December but carve out some time this evening or sometime this week to shop online. Skip the lines, buy exactly what you want, price shop without traffic and press "order" so it'll be here before Christmas and then you'll be finished!

I don't know exactly who you're buying for this year but I've attached some of the things I've either bought for other women in my life, for Auden or for myself (lol) to give you a head start on some great items that are priced fair.

(I'm not attaching anything I bought for Cameron because it has to be a surprise, of course!)

#christmas #presents #buying #guide #whattogetherforchristmas

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