Giveaway in December

Happy 1st day of December! Gift wrapping isn't my specialty but I LOVE blessing others. When I was younger I wanted to be Oprah, Sally (dating myself) or a modern day Ellen just to be able to give tons away and see the people's faces!

So in the spirit of giving, this week I'm giving away TWO $50 gift cards to @target! #target #targetdoesitagain To enter: 1. Tag as many friends as possible on my instagram post or facebook post with this photo! The more friends tagged in comments, the more entries you get! 2. Follow me on instagram /facebook & like this post THATS ALL ❤

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❤ Target items in this post:

Coffee cup (Buy Here)

Basket (Buy Here)

Blanket (Buy Here)

Garden Stool (Buy Here)

Cardigan (Buy Here)

What are you looking for?
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