New Beauty Routine, GloPro by BeautyBio

I could notice a difference in my skin after having my baby and decided to research the best products out there. We all want to save money but we also don't want to throw money (even a little) at products that don't work. I personally search for products that actually work regardless of their cost. If you opened my beauty drawer at home you would find a variety of brands on different price levels from hair to skin and everything in between. I'm extremely brand loyal so when I find something that works I love to share it with others! My skincare routine has included Amorepacific products for quite some time now and I still love all of their lines. However, I felt that I needed a boost and discovered the GloPro by Beauty Bioscience! The GloPro is a microneedling tool that you can use in the comfort of your home without the highprice medspa sessions. Using this tool alone will prompt new skin growth in your problem areas but using this tool with their skincare line allows your moisturizer or nightly creme to impact your skin on a deeper level reaching better results sooner!

I'm currently using the GloPro each night followed with the R45 product line. I also added in the Bright Eyes Colloidal Silver and Collagen Eye Mask for my "Mommy Eyes" - This is my new favorite thing to wear around the house in the mornings when my under-eye area is a little dull from traveling or a lack of sleep. Plus, the founder herself, Jamie Obanion is the sweetest person! After connecting on Instagram she sent me the travel kit which fits everything perfectly for when you're on-the-go!

Here's what I'm using:

GloPro Microneedling Tool

R45 Reversal

Bright Eyes Collagen Eye Patch

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