Carolinian Weekend

Cameron is from North Carolina and it's always relaxing to go enjoy the outdoors at their property during any season. Fall is my favorite season of all so we certainly had a great time! We walked the property, built a fire, fished all afternoon, had some amazing Carolina BBQ, and spent quality time with family. In both mine and Cameron's immediate families, there will be singing: so we sat around the fire one night singing all of the songs we could think of. Sometimes you just need to get out in nature and feel the overwhelming sense of peace that it can bring. This past weekend was nothing short of wonderful and we're so grateful for time spent with family. Find some sweet moments from our weekend below.

Kristen's Outfit:

Hudson Jeans

Ralph Lauren Shirt

Hermes Belt (Although, a lot of people ask me if the H is for Honeycutt :) and I just say, yes.)

Shoes at Nordstrom Rack

Cameron's Outfit:

JCrew Top

Zara Jeans

Cole Haan Shoes

Auden's Outfit:

Janie and Jack Top

Baby Zara Jeans

Baby Zara Shoes

We loved flying Allegiant Airlines out of the semi-private Punta Gorda airport where everything was small, simply and streamlined. Allegiant flies to 100 cities in the USA mostly with small jets and great service!

Honeycutt Home

Auden with his Great Grand Parents, Dawseys and his Grandparents, Honeycutts

Dawsey Home

Rocking my baby on the porch, so peaceful!

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