When Mama Is Done

Today looked a little something like Auden hitting me in the face several times at the post office and throwing such a tantrum at the grocery store that another mom came over to try to console him as he soon thereafter swatted at her as well. Can you say done? I was done. It's been a give up on today, go back home and start over tomorrow kind of day.

There are days that are this way and then there are weeks that are this way. What do you do when you've just had enough? What do you do when nothing you say seems to work? The house is a wreck, the errands got cut short and moved out yet another day, the child is now hitting strangers that are trying to help you and it so seems that the husband can walk in after a days work and act as though your day is no where near as stressful as his. (Yes, speaking from experience but only once or twice as I have an amazingly respectful man for a husband.) Still, none of those things make the day go by any faster. But you see - that's just it. The days go by fast. The old saying goes, "The days are long and the years are short." Oh, trust me - I know that there are days where it feels like you're going out of your mind and the children don't listen and nothing at home seems quite right, errands (important ones too) are behind schedule and there's just days when no one seems to give you any grace. Been there, done that. Earlier today if you had told me what I'm about to tell you I would've rolled my eyes and said, "you don't understand." I had a turning point in my thinking though the moment that almost 18 month old turned around and said "bye mama" in the sweetest little voice after he had just thrown one more tantrum the moment we walked in the door defeated from our day."bye mama" to which I replied to, BYE! After a day like today, I wanted to say so much more than a snippy BYE! Then, all of a sudden my mind flashed forward 15 years to a 16.5 year old Auden backing out of the driveway where I'll be lucky if he thinks to tell his mama goodbye. (That is, if I let him drive at 16). Reality is that the next few years will fly by faster then I can imagine and I'll be wishing I had my blue eyed baby boy back in the buggy in Target. So what do we do when we feel like we are just done? Redirect their attention to help calm the tantrum, and then try to redirect your attention as well from the moment of frustration to the bigger picture.Try to see it as a memory that one day you'll look back on and wish you could re-live. I know that sounds crazy, who wants to re-live the tantrums in public? Look around. Look at all of the older mothers out there that gaze longingly at you and your sweet children trying to balance groceries and positive vibes while they're wishing their children would pick up the phone and call them. I see mothers and grandmothers stare at us all the time with a slight reminiscing smile on their face remembering those days and almost saying to us younger mamas, "cherish this season because it goes by way too fast." This too will end and you'll enter into the next season of life with new challenges. I know that's not what any of us WANT to hear, but we all need to hear it. Go kiss your babies and sit down in the floor and play with them... you'll be glad you did. Maybe today Auden and I both needed a little redirecting.

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