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We talk marriage on The Panel show on Daystar TV

Watch the full episode of The Panel on Daystar TV or click here to view and share online: Watch The Panel on Daystar TV

The Panel tv show on Daystar TV Network is a game changer! Every topic is discussed from all perspectives which is really something that you can't afford to miss in today's society. In each episode, topics that most people want to avoid in the faith based world are explored with the viewer in mind. We're real people talking about real life and simply put I believe it's a discussion that can truly help lead you in your personal life. In this episode, Cameron and I were honored to be guests with hosts Rachel Lamb Brown and Joshua Brown from Daystar TV along with Andy Thompson from Overcomers Church in North Carolina, Glyn and Sophia Barrett from Audacious Church in England, Sam and Kathy Monk from Equippers Church in New Zealand. We filmed in a beautiful location at the Planetshakers Conference in Australia! Cameron and I have been married for a number of years now and have experienced the "peaks and pits" that life can bring for a couple. We've had to have those though discussions and have come to the table in agreement on certain things that hopefully will encourage and inspire your relationship too.

1. Prioritizing Marriage: We choose to put our marriage first under God before any other materialistic thing or career or ambition because when we set our marriage as a top priority in our lives along with our relationship with God it causes there to be a unified approach to everything we do which leads to success in all other avenues. That doesn't mean we succeed at everything (we are human) but it does mean that if we fail at least we are still unified, which to me means we have still succeeded.

2. We feed our friendship: Every couple has a different story. You may not have began your relationship the way we have but one thing that I hope to encourage you in is to feed your friendship. Feeding your friendship in your marriage is one of the main things you can do to keep your household healthy. Yes, Cameron is my husband (and a good one at that!) but he was first my friend and there have been many times when both of us have sat down and just simply needed a friend to talk to. We got to a loving relationship afterall by first being friends - so feed the friendship by talking like friends, doing fun things like friends, and here's the big one - allowing the other person to simply spill their beans (that's southern for saying whatever they need to say) without being judged, just like a friend would allow them to. Because we started our marriage off this way, the word "best friend" and the words "husband" or "wife" are interchangeable. However, to some people they view those words as separate and not in a good way. Try filtering this friendship back into your marriage just the way you would've when you first met - offer the advice a friend would offer, listen the way a friend would listen, go have fun together the way friends would. Eventually, feeding the friendship will also lead you to a healthy marriage and a healthy household. I talk about how we chose to wait to have children for the first 5 years of our marriage in The Panel tv show on Daystar so that we could focus on our friendship. If you're at a stage in your relationship where that's possible, I highly encourage it.

3. Learning to say "NO": In the tv show, The Panel, Cameron talks about how we incorporated the art of saying NO into our marriage. At this point in our lives, we've seen over a time period that if we let the world load our plates up we will always have a full plate of things that don't matter. Then, the people we love the most get shoved off the plate because we assume they'll always be there. When we say "yes" to our family time and "no" to other tasks it cultivates a healthy environment. Learning when to say "yes" and when to say "no" can truly feel like an art. I'm not asking you to say no to your employer and risk your job - but I am saying that you don't always have to be the full time wife, full time mom, full time friend, full time neighbor, full time PTA parent, full time sister, full time everything to everyone. Try it this way: Set your boundaries around the things that matter the most to you (God, spouse, family, job, etc.) then have a set amount of time during your month that you can devote to other things and rotate saying "yes" to different things each month versus saying "yes" to everything every month. When we started saying YES to our marriage and our family time, it became this new way of life that we realized we never want to let go of. You never know how good life can really be until you give it this kind of chance.

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