Mom Must Have: Stroller and Car Seat Guide

* Post Update: This post was originally written while Auden was only a few months old and is pictured with the infant system attached. Now that Auden is 16 months old, I no longer need the infant system but simply detached the infant system to use the strollers built in seat. Even over a year later, I still LOVE and choose this stroller! So far - from the infant stage to the nearly year & half stage it's still my top pick!

As a first time mom I researched everything you can think of before registering for products for my baby showers! The stroller and car seat were two of the biggest items that gave me anxiety… I researched so many mommy blogs about which duo would be the best and I tried out all of the strollers at Buy Buy Baby (if you’ve been in there you’ve seen the hundreds of options they have out for you to stroll around with… yeah, I did that with most of them).

To save you time and angst, I’ll share all the dets here for what I selected and why! I love my combo and so happy I selected what I did.

I I finally selected the Single City Mini GT by Babyjogger brand for my stroller paired with the Maxi Cosi Mico infant car seat. You must also purchase the proper Babyjogger Car seat adapter in order for this combo to work. All items are listed below for your ease of use and ease of purchase. I’m not sure if it was just the time I was purchasing and deciding but I couldn’t ever get the Babyjogger compatible car seat and adapter page to load which made my decision process harder. I finally figured out what I needed in order to make my choices for properly together.

This system paired together allows you to have your infant car seat attach to your stroller making it a travel system with your tiny baby. This system will work well for you until your baby is too big for his or her infant car seat and then moves up to a more stationary car seat. At that time, I’ll write another blog post letting you know which stationary car seat I choose. Also, when that time comes you’ll simply remove the babyjogger car seat adapter from your stroller.

I selected this stroller mainly for two reasons: 1. The lightweight and easy single hand collapse feature and 2. The 3 real tread tires which make traveling anywhere easy and smooth! It’s not bulky and it’s super easy to manage on my own (and I’m 5’2”). The car seat is also lightweight but high in its safety ratings. I selected everything in the devoted black color for a classic look that will be able to be used with any child in the future.

I hope this helps any of the first time moms or moms who are looking to switch your travel system! We were personally back at the hospital every day after he was born for the first several weeks so I’ve used this travel system a lot in the past 10 weeks and I would still select everything I’ve chosen. If you have more than one child or you know you want to have another child soon after your first child then you may want to look into the babyjogger city select option for a stroller which allows you to easily transition your single stroller into a double stroller. I personally didn’t chose that option because we aren’t sure if we will have two in a stroller at the same time and because I liked the wheels on the city mini GT better than the city select. The city mini GT also comes in a side-by-side double version – if you’re brave enough to manage in public. I personally am not sure if I could manage it but my sister has the double version and loves it!

Check out the next blog soon to see more pictures of my car seat at our adventure to Bantam + Biddy!

Buy The Award Winning Single City Mini GT Babyjogger stroller here.

Buy the Maxi Cosi Mico carseat here.

Buy the Babyjogger car seat adapter for the Maxi Cosi brand here.

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