Discovering ones call comes in vastly different ways. For some of us, we are born into a passion of sports, business, healthcare, ministry, etc. For others of us we default into one job after another in search of our call. Lean in closely and let me tell you something very important. If you don’t discover your call in life, you will become whatever they pay you to be. Don’t let a paycheck determine what your call in this life is. Yes, we have to work and pay our bills. That’s called a job. Not a calling. Find what it is within you that you are called to do – ask yourself what do I care about? What drives me? What makes me happy? What makes me mad? Sometimes, the things that make us happy cause us to strive towards creating something that empowers the same happiness for others such as a campaign or a movement. Other times, things that make us mad can cause us to put a stop to something for justice. There is no exception. You have a call. You are not the one and only person God created without a call on your life. We ALL have a call. Discover what that is within you and mold it into your life. Whether it becomes your sole purpose and bread winner or maybe it’s the thing you devote your Saturdays to as your life’s work and hobby… you have a call. Discover it. Invest time into it. Chase it.

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