A Calling

I can remember early as a child feeling a call to ministry. There were multiple times throughout my life where I felt like that call was confirmed. When I got to Lee University I decided to explore that calling by being involved with ministries I felt led to. I believe that God will open doors for you in the direction that you're meant to go in. God knows our heart and we have to trust that He knows what we're going to desire later on in life as well - so many times I believe he blesses us with things that we will need later and He also denies us from things early on that He knows we will appreciate later. For me, doors of speaking engagements, prayer opportunities, public and private ministry began to open. I can remember stealing away to my prayer places and asking God to open the right doors only and to close the doors that needed to be closed in my life in order for me to continue in His perfect plan for my life. This is something that I still do today. Discovering ones call comes in vastly different ways. For some of us, we are born into a passion of sports, business, healthcare, ministry, etc. For others of us we default into one job after another in search of our call. Lean in closely and let me tell you something very important. If you don’t discover your call in life, you will become whatever they pay you to be. Don’t let a paycheck determine what your call in this life is. Yes, we have to work and pay our bills. That’s called a job. Not a calling. Find what it is within you that you are called to do – ask yourself what do I care about? What drives me? What makes me happy? What makes me mad? Sometimes, the things that make us happy cause us to strive towards creating something that empowers the same happiness for others such as a campaign or a movement. Other times, things that make us mad can cause us to put a stop to something for justice. There is no exception. You have a call. You are not the one and only person God created without a call on your life. We ALL have a call. Discover what that is within you and mold it into your life. Whether it becomes your sole purpose and bread winner or maybe it’s the thing you devote your Saturdays to as your life’s work and hobby… you have a call. Discover it. Invest time into it. Chase it. Ministry has changed for me over the years. From ministering to the homeless of Cleveland, Tennessee to speaking with my first interpreter in Cambodia to speaking on live international television at the garden tomb in israel to the one-on-one ministering with hundreds of women as a Women's Pastor...from the private confidential conversations of listening to the separated wife to the public conferences seeing thousands flood the altars, everything about following the voice of God is my calling. There's nothing greater that makes me feel alive than knowing that I'm walking in what He has for me in that moment - regardless of how big or how small that moment may be, regardless of how public or private that moment may be. Ministry is all around us and I believe if you're called to ministry that you see daily opportunities to share the love of Jesus with those around you, regardless what your paystub says you do. I can remember driving to Chattanooga, Tennessee one night in 2011 after speaking at a church and I felt God's presence in the car and I simply had to pull over under an overpass off the interstate. I could take you to that exact spotright now and I remember just beginning to pray as I felt the most overwhelming peace that I was doing exactly what I was supposed to be doing in that season of my life. I know that some of my readers my not call themselves Christians and understand some of what I'm writing about and that is certainly welcomed. That point also doesn't hinder me from saying what I believe to be true and know to be real. For those of you who are Christians know what I mean when I say that I felt God say to me, "For no man is your boss. You will work for me." That statement hit me like a ton of bricks, not knowing what it meant exactly but yet I know that I heard that. Do I take that literally? Do I just never work? No. Here is where I believe we must differientiate between a job and a calling. I believe that I was called to do and be part of ministry in some way for my entire life. Does that always mean that I have only worked in ministry in order to pay my bills? No. I am grateful that ministry now in a way pays my bills along with other avenues of income but it hasn't always been that way. I believe that statement was a declaration over my life that I belong to God. You see, that night on my way home I had been crying out to God asking Him for direction, asking Him to show me what to do with my life. I remember crying out saying, "I'll do anything, I just want to do it for you." My calling is fulfilled when I feel that peace in my soul that I'm doing ministry, it fuels me like none other to be in my element of simply showing someone (one person) or thousands the love of Jesus. I came home one night after speaking at a church in South Carolina so fueled, so on fire when I walked through the door because I had been in my element, I had been doing what I felt I was created to do. That moment is one that my husband, Cameron can tell you is one of his favorite moments about me as I was so hyped knowing what I was created to do that it moved him to tears of joy and remains imprinted in his mind as one of his favorite moments of me walking in my calling. Find your calling. What moves you? What inspires you? What makes you tick? Can't think of what excites you? What fuels you? What makes you want to change it? We were all born with a purpose - no matter how young or how old you are, you have a purpose in this life, a calling. Discover it, ask God into your heart if you don't know Him and ask God to reveal to you what your purpose is, what your calling is. Simply say, "Jesus, I believe you're the son of God, our Savior, and I ask you to come into my heart, my life and make me new, change me, I want to live for you." It's ok to get alone and say out loud, "God, I welcome you in this room, I welcome you in this place, I welcome you into my life. Will you reveal to me what my calling is, what my purpose is?" If you've tried everything else, give God a try , a real attempt. I could tell you how good God is until you're blue in the face, but something that I've learned is that until you experience Him and His love for you in your own tangible way it won't ring as true as I'd like it to. Open your heart and let God move in your life. I believe that your best days are before you. If you have just prayed this prayer, welcome to the family. Find a local church and go - or here's something I love to do when I can't go to church, visit www.freechapel.org/watch on Wednesday nights at 7 PM eastern standard time and on Sunday morning at 9 AM and 11 AM eastern standard time to watch one of my favorite pastors and churches. Follow God, chase your dreams, find your calling, live it out.


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