Just, ugh.

Breathe. Just Breathe.

Have you ever been so frustrated at something (or someone) that it seems to overtake your thoughts and life? Why do we want to control things in our lives so much? Somewhere along the way we’ve developed this picture perfect way that things are supposed to be, how relationships are supposed to work and set the bar for the expectations (maybe a little too high).

We become disappointed or frustrated when we’ve set the bar of expectations so high for something or someone and then they seemingly fail us. Is that our fault for setting the bar of expectations too high? Without playing the blame-game, I’ve come to realize this: Often times, we become so disappointed because we would have reacted differently so we expect others to react in the same way. This will always set us up for disappointment because we can’t expect others to react how we would. Sometimes, we love more therefore we expect the same love in return with how others should treat us by how we think we are treating them.

If it’s a [someone]: Often times we must forgive knowing that it (the offense) may happen again. Forgive. Forgive again. Repeat.

If it’s a [something]: We cannot control every aspect of our world around us. My Grandfather used to say, “You won’t win every time.” He was right. We won’t. And when we don’t, make the best and try again.

The important thing is: Don’t let disappointing people and situations taint your outlook on life. Be the best YOU that YOU can be. Forgive & forgive again. Let’s say “UGH” together and move forward.

There’s still so much right in the world.

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