Sharing My Hair Secrets: Moroccan Oil

I believe we should all have a positive outlook on ourselves in order to have a healthy body-image and so it’s not a secret that my hair is one of my favorite things about my own self. This really goes back to my childhood… as a natural red-head I grew up with constant compliments from strangers that would come up to my mother and say, “what gorgeous hair she has!” As I grew older, some of those compliments turned to insults which is a different blog for a different day… however, I grew to love my hair as it seemed so unique not only in the color but in how long and thick it had always been. Any hair stylist I went to would always rave over how thick and strong my hair was which really in many ways was part of my identity.

In 8th grade I started adding blonde highlights to my hair and eventually by my senior year of high school I was completely blonde from root to tip. After significantly damaging my hair by having it bleached blonde so much I grew more devastated that I had traded the beautiful health of my hair for its shade of blonde. I visited the top salons in our areas for years which slightly helped – but not really. Only slightly. I resorted to using extensions which only damaged my hair even more (I know thats the easy fix but don’t do it!). Then, I discovered a certain stylist who partnered with me on a journey to restore the health of my hair – all the while, she also could get the exact shade of blonde that I wanted as well! There was one agent which I believe majorly contributed helping me immensely on my journey to restore my healthy hair. Moroccanoil.

The salon that this stylist worked for at the time was a Moroccanoil salon and I fell in love! I took the Moroccanoil repair hair mask home and immediately saw results. No, I’m not a spokesperson for Moroccanoil – I just believe in it that much! After using the below regimine for several years, my hair is long, strong and healthy (and blonde) all by itself without the help of any extensions (which I said goodbye to almost 4 years ago by the way!)

  1. Shampoo + Condition with the Moroccanoil Repair line

  2. Apply the Moroccanoil Restorative Hair Mask (favorite!) My tip: Let it sit in the hair as long as you can possibly stand it! I’ve left it in for hours throughout the day and even over night before. This one product will transform your hair!

  3. After rinsing the Moroccanoil Restorative Hair Mask out of your hair, apply the Moroccanoil Smoothing Lotion or Hydrating Lotion while your hair is still wet. My tip: Only do this if you have thick hair like I do. For fine hair this step may leave it too oily.

  4. I personally prefer for my hair to dry by itself and then style with the actual (favorite!) Moroccanoil. This is an actual oil that you put in your hair. Again, if you have thick hair like I do your hair will soak this up and love every second of it! It leaves me with smooth, soft, healthy hair! Focus on your ends and any pieces around your face that may get too much heat… If you have thin hair then tread lightly with this product… Otherwise, if you’re like me then pour it on! They also make a light version of this product which is more light in color for blondes. I’ve used both and love both.

If you can’t seem to fit all of these in your budget – the two must have’s are the Moroccanoil Restorative Hair Mask and the Moroccanoil.

If you can only pick one and you have thick hair then go with the Moroccanoil. If you can only pick one and you have damaged or thin hair then I recommend the Moroccanoil Restorative Hair Mask. However, trying these two (and/or all that I’ve mentioned above) is the routine that I can vouch for!

I recently had to switch stylists since mine has moved to another state and when I did I brought my Moroccanoil products with me to the new salon for them to use since they used another line that I’m not a fan of. I’ve used Aveda, Unite and you name it. There is nothing that has restored and helped my hair as the Moroccanoil line has. I hope this works as wonderful for you as it has for me! For all of you out there that grab my hair and ask if that’s all me… Yes – and Moroccanoil is my little secret that I’ve now shared with you! Enjoy!


in addition to their hair line…they have an amazing body line as well… have fun trying it!

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