Savory Brunch

It’s Saturday Brunch at The Honeycutt Home again!

Egg sandwhiches made with healthnut brand bread, avacados, grape tomatoes with yogurt ranch dressing and organic strawberry smoothies to drink.

What I did:

Scramble 4 organic eggs, mix sea salt & cracked pepper.

Add a dash of red pepper flakes for some heat

Spread a thin layer of olive oil organic mayo on your bread of choice, we used Arnold’s Healthnut Bread here.

Add a slice of Kerrygold Grass Fed Butter to your pan to toast the bread. (Interesting fact* this butter can also be added to your coffee to make your own version of bulletproof coffee – burning extra fat with coffee! It speeds up your metabolism as you take in a healthy fat in the morning. I do this every morning. (One cup only for any breastfeeding mommys…) Here’s an article on this, click here.)

Slice an avacado – add some to your sandwich if you like. Add some grape tomatoes and a healthy choice of ranch dressing – we used Bolthouse Yogurt Ranch.

Juice and blend fresh organic strawberries mixed with a tablespoon of wheatgrass and organic vanilla almond milk for a great smoothie.

All items mentioned above can be found at Whole Foods and most all or similar at Publix.

We enjoyed this slightly cooler fall weather and ate outside on our porch!

Bon Appétit!


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