Simplifying Bathtime For Infants

Bath time is one of my favorite times with baby Auden! You certainly don’t have to bathe babies daily but I always like to make sure that he’s clean after he’s been around other children and people throughout the day. When he was first born he was so tiny! Our Puj bathtub was perfect for bathing him in the sink! It’s lightweight and folds up so it’s easy to travel with or simply carrying it from room to room in the house depending on where you’d like to bathe your baby! It’s easy to hang out to dry and not to mention that it’s mold and mildew resistant! Now that Auden is two months old it’s still the perfect fit for his baths! Puj is all about simplifying parenthood and we could certainly all use a little bit of simplifying!

I also recommend their Puj Hug towel! The silicone tabs on the towel wraps around your neck to hold the towel in place hands free so that you can pick up your sweet clean baby and place them in the towel with no hassle! For this first time mom… all of this made bath time easy and enjoyable!

One last recommendation on bathtime for now… when Auden was first born we had a hard time finding bath products that didn’t cause a slight rash on his body. Even certain organic brands would bring this rash to his skin. Babyganics was one of the only organic product lines that we could use without the rash showing up. The sweet smell of the chamomile verbena Babyganics foam wash and lotion is soothing for us and for baby!

Check out how the Puj Tub works below and buy it here!

Check out the Puj Hug below and buy it here!

Check out the Babyganics foam wash + lotion below! Buy them here!

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