10 Weeks

10 weeks ago today I had my sweet baby A. For a first time mom, the past 10 weeks have been a whirlwind. I finally feel like things are falling into a new normal – a good routine.

At 10 weeks he is smiling so much, he loves for you to sing to him, he is sleeping (mostly) through the night, he loves a car-ride after you get through the initial act of putting him in the car seat (just keep moving mama) and he’s doing so good at his dayschool even though I’m still working through that emotionally.

I already feel like he’s growing up so fast! I can’t imagine having a 6 month old and wondering where my baby went because I already feel that way! At 10 weeks he’s wearing 3-6 month clothes and eating us out of house and home! Where did my tiny baby go? Just a few weeks ago the preemie clothes were too baggy on him. I’m so thankful he’s growing as he should into a strong healthy baby boy! What a wonderful life I get to live with this sweet addition by our side!

Enjoy these 10 week old pictures of him!

xx, KH


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