Rachel Lamb's Bridal Shower

There are moments in our friends lives that are just too important to miss. One of my best friends, Rachel Lamb, is getting married and even though our lives are both extrememly busy right now and living about 18 hours from each other that’s no excuse to not make it work to celebrate one another! At first, I was planning to surprise her that I was going to fly out for her bridal shower. I’m a bridesmaid in her wedding coming up and thought I was going to have to miss out on all the pre-wedding festivities but I booked my ticket for an early morning flight to Dallas, Texas and then one of our other closest friends, Jessie picked me up at the airport drove to the Lamb Home to celebrate like crazy all day long, then helped Rachel and her soon-to-be husband, Josh Brown, take their gifts to their beautiful new home they’ll have together before Josh and Rachel took me back to the airport to fly back to Atlanta, Georgia that night! Whew! What a long but wonderful day! Why not take a day trip to Texas?

One great lesson in adventure there is if it can work – make it happen! It was a beautiful bridal shower – complete with beautiful decor and food to beat the band provided by the Daystar TV team! We dined and laughed and celebrated! A great lesson I’ve learned in friendship is that it truly is a responsive trait in this life – knowing the other friend will drop it all to be there for you in the good times and the bad makes you respond to your friend in the same way. Rachel Lamb (Brown) you’ve always dropped it for me through the good times and the bad – here’s to being there for one another through thick and thin, forever friends. My bestie. You’re getting married!

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