At 14 weeks this past Wednesday, I had to stop denying that certain clothes and pajamas already aren’t fitting baby Auden any longer.

This week I cleaned out all of his drawers and his closet of the items that we used tirelessly between weeks 1 & 14. Time passes so slowly and yet so fiercely. All of a sudden one day his preemie outfits were too snug, and he could finally wear newborn. Then, all of a sudden the newborn sizes were just not fitting quite the same and we moved to the 0-3 months outfits. Before I knew it, even the 0-3 months outfits became too tight and he is now wearing 3-6 months clothes and pajamas. His first pair of crib shoes, size 0, are officially too tight. I remember the moment last week when I took them off of his foot and realized it had made impressions on his foot – it hit me like a ton of bricks that he had outgrown his first pair of shoes. He wore the size 1 of his Freshly Picked Mocs the other night for the first time.

So I cleaned out the old (3 months old) and made room for the new… The clothes that I’ve been collecting in size 3-6 months since I first found out I was pregnant. I thought the day would never come that my tiny baby would fit into these humongous clothes (lol) and here we are with chunky little legs, poofy cheeks and 3-6 months clothes.

As Cameron and I are both “the 2nd child” we are totally understanding why “the 1st child” is so beloved. We are on our first journey together in parenthood – Cameron, Auden and I. It’s already taught me so much about life, myself and to cherish the next childs tiny stages that much more because they go by so quickly and yet so silently. One day, you simply wake up and you have an older child. I can’t imagine all of lifes joys that are to come. I’m certain that he will graduate highschool and I’ll still feel the same way that I do today about him “graduating” from his newborn clothes…. I’ll look back and wonder where my tiny baby went. The beautiful thing is that along the way as he makes milestones that I get to be part of each of them. This little boy that I dreamt of will someday be a handsome young man. I intend to make every moment count. Happy 14 weeks baby Auden. I love you.

Milestones: Auden is starting to sit up on his own, holding his head up so well by himself with just a little help still, taking in 4 oz of milk every 3 hours, sleeping all night mostly, trying so hard to talk and sing with us, smiling so much, loves to keep his eyes on his mommy, and cackles at the song “oh mister sun please shine down on me”. He’s a happy baby, very chill and goes with the flow – how blessed we are.


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