Lullabies: Soothing Music For Your Home

The Hillsong Piano Lullabies album Volume 1 is a favorite for baby Auden. If you have a long commute or a road trip coming up with your little one then downloading this from iTunes is a must. I know what you’re thinking – but this album is not your stereotypical corny baby lullaby music that makes you want to pull your hair out. In fact, I find that it calms me as well. It’s simply piano music to some beautiful worship songs by Hillsong that will put baby to sleep and ease your own mind.

Play it in your home to set a peaceful environment for baby. Although I’m an advocate for putting baby to sleep in a quiet and darkened room, playing this in the home during feeding or wake time sets a calmed tone for everyone. Volume 2 is just as wonderful, my baby just seems to prefer the songs from Volume 1.

Download Volume 1 Hillsong Piano Lullabies here.

Enjoy, xx


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