Two Months

Today, my baby is two months old!

The past two months have been nearly inexplicable. The emotions of immense love have overtaken my heart. As an independent woman who thought she would never get married and never cared to have children, my new reality is quite ironic. Becoming a mother is a life event that will change you in ways that you never thought possible – but in the greatest ways possible. As a new mom, I have a new priority that’s more important than just about everything else in my life.

At two months old his sweet smile and dimples melt my heart, his eyelashes have doubled in the past week, he loves sleeping on mommy or dads chest, he balls his fist up to focus on eating, he loves for us to talk to him as he tries his best to “coo” and talk back, he gets real still when Cameron plays the piano and he loves to smile at the chandeliers. He’s a happy, beautiful sweet baby and he’s my new whole world!

Being a parent truly will change your life in the most beautiful way! The love is organic – it just happens that all of a sudden a new chamber of your heart is opened and captivated by this child. It’s the greatest blessing I’ve ever experienced and I’m so excited that I get to be part of it for the rest of my life!

Happy two months, Auden!


Auden’s outfit can be found here or by Amy Coe at Nordstrom.

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