Pulau Aur Islands

7 years ago tonight, I flew to Singapore to spend the summer with our group from Lee University. Cameron had pursued me before the trip, but it wasn’t until we traveled through the summer together to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand & Cambodia that I would fall in love. I was never a “marriage-focused” person – meaning that it simply wasn’t my main goal in life or even on my top 10 list of things to accomplish – but there was this young man who loved me with his whole heart & persisted throughout the trip that we were the ones for one another. Seeing the worst of each other & the best of each other, I now look back on those beautiful memories and see God was placing us in scenarios that we would forever draw from. We were scuba diving partners in Pulau Aur (responsible for one another’s life), ministry partners at orphanages in Cambodia where I spoke with a translator and he led worship (seeing one another’s passion for God + ministry), Project Manager partners with the LU school of business at Schering-Plough/Merck Pharmaceutical in Singapore (testing one another’s intelligence), explored Angor Watt (discovered one another’s sense of adventure) & so many other incredible memories that I’m so grateful we got to share. Before the trip I was unsure if he was the one for me – but God knew it would take me seeing us work together in all of these things (& so many more) to give this relationship a chance and I’m so thankful that I did. This picture was our first photo that we ever took together, (click here to see photo) on the hills on Dayang Island in Pulau Aur off the coast of Malaysia. I vividly remember taking this photo as it seemed like a surrender to this beautiful love story. It’s only part of our fairytale – who knew that 7 years later we would be about to welcome our first little baby, Auden. Life & marriage certainly isn’t always perfect… we’ve been through more than most people may ever know & I wouldn’t trade any of it for anything. We’ve found a friend in one another that loves selflessly, protects, supports one another’s dreams, a patient love that serves, endures, provides & hopes for one another. I love you, my adventurer.

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