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Naming a human being may by far be one of the most difficult things I’ve had to make a call on – especially for a boy because it will be his name forever where a girl may change her middle or last name after marriage. I thought the name assignment would come easy but to our surprise it was something we talked about constantly with no clear direction. In a year like 2016, there are so many articles about “what’s trending” and which trendy baby names to steer clear of or run towards. We knew that we wanted to use Camerons Grandfathers name, Autry as the middle name. Cameron has always loved and respected his Grandfather Autry with such a devout love and it meant a lot to him to have that as part of his sons name. Still, we wrestled with a first name wanting our son to be his own person and not have any real ties to another person we knew with that same name. Until one evening, Cameron came home with the name Auden. He had seen something written from a theological poet (who lived and wrote circa 1915) and the authors name was W.H. Auden. He came home and mentioned the name Auden, which flows so nicely with Autry.

We started doing what any normal (over-thinking) parents do…

We began writing Auden Autry…

Auden Autry Honeycutt…


A.A.H with a monogram of AHA…

Yes. His initials spell aah… which depending on how you say it can sound like a calm aah or a I’m fed up with this screaming aah! Not to mention his monogram sounds like we just got a lightbulb of a great idea, aha!

So, we secretly called him Auden for several months, still not settled but without having found anything else we continued to refer to him as Auden. After looking in the dreaded name books and going through every other name we had ever heard that we liked we finally realized that we had actually already named our child. He was Auden. That’s just who he is. That’s what we called him, who we referred to him as – His name was Auden. If you find yourself searching for that perfect name in the name books… my advice is to let it happen naturally. These things have a way of working themselves out – let it happen organically and when that name is spoken, you’ll know in your heart what feels right. Eventually, a name will reoccur and you’ll know that that’s just who they are.

Auden meaning kind-hearted + friendly

Autry meaning noble strength

My wonderful baby boy, I cannot wait to meet you Auden Autry… my very own baby A.

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