Did you know that God’s perfect plan includes the best for everyone involved for those who serve Him? As women and girls – we often become jealous and develop a “thing” for our sister next to us who seems to be thriving. Her calling is different than yours, but is not any greater nor any worse than yours. Each of us have a gift, a calling, a talent, a passion that God has deposited within us. As the entire chapter 3 of Ecclesiastes states, “there is a time and a season for everything…” She will have seasons of blessing, favor and will flourish in that which God has called her to do. Likewise, you too will have the same seasons when her seasons may seem as though they have come to a halt. One of the worst things we can do as a body of Christ is to become bitter and jealous of one another while God is in the middle of blessing someone. Our circumstances may change throughout life, but our God remains the same and His purpose for your life will be there as long as you desire to chase it. You have something inside of you that cannot be taken away and is unique to you and only you. I once had a girl come up to me and confess that she was dealing wish such jealousy toward the new girl singing the solos. I replied, “oh, I didn’t realize that you sing?” She responded, “oh, I don’t.” What? If we aren’t careful, we can become bitter towards people flourishing in their calling that we aren’t even skilled at nor have the desire to do in the first place. Chase YOUR dream with all your might. Run for it until you’re out of breath – and then keep running. Don’t stop along the way in your journey to spend your time wishing you had something that your sister has. Instead, cheer her on and celebrate her as you keep on pressing towards the mark (Philippians 3:4). We are all in this race together and we need one another to get to our end goal. We all need fans for our journey. Be for her what you need her to be for you. Celebrate her as you would want her to celebrate you (Matthew 7:12). Above all – be who God has created YOU to be and chase after it with all you’ve got!

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