A New Brunch

Saturday morning brunch is a tradition at the Honeycutt household. Spending that quality family time in the morning together is a must for us since we don’t have quite as much as we would like throughout the week. There’s some things that you simply say no to and some things that you simply say yes to – family time is a yes. Block out the distractions, put down the phones and spend time together. We like to wake up and have coffee together first either in bed or outside, then a little later we head to the kitchen to make a breakfast brunch.

Since I’ve been on such a protein kick this year, our brunch menu for the day is eggs with avocado and red pepper flakes & Greek yogurt with blueberries & granola! I say that this is the menu for today but who am I kidding…. This is the usual Saturday morning breakfast brunch for this Honeycutt bunch!


Cook or scramble eggs as you like – depending on what type of pan you have you may not need any cooking spray or liquid. However, if you do then use coconut oil – the one pictured comes organic with no propellants.

Slice 1 avacdo to place on top of the eggs

Add a dash of sea salt and red pepper flakes to taste


1 large scoop of triple zero Greek yogurt, vanilla to taste

1 bunch of blueberries (don’t forget to wash them!)

Add in granola: we love dark chocolate granola clusters by Cascadian Farms

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