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Kristen Honeycutt Founder of Honeycutt M

Honeycutt weighing a run for GA 9th District Congressional Seat

Kristen Pierce Honeycutt (R-Gainesville) is weighing a run for Georgia’s 9th Congressional district seat. “I am not a politician; I am a wife, mother and a concerned citizen that is passionate about our country which I believe is just what our Republican Party needs to equally advocate for our values in this particular point of history.” 

Honeycutts family are long time North Georgia citizens for generations from the Hall, Habersham, Jackson, White and Fannin County areas - all of which are in Georgia's 9th district. She is a former Women’s Pastor from Free Chapel in Gainesville, Georgia and is currently active for various Conservitave values including serving as an Ambassador for Live Action, one of the nation's largest Pro Life movements and is also part of a Pro Israel organization which held a recent event at President Trumps Florida home, Mar-A-Lago that Honeycutt was in attendance for. 

“I am still weighing whether or not this is the right decision for my family as we have two young children but it is something that we are in prayer about and have been overwhelmingly encouraged to consider by constituents from nearly every county in Georgia's 9th district. Regardless if this is the year for me to run or not, possibly the next time the seat becomes available, I’m grateful to those in our communities that have already shown their support. I do want to see someone win this seat who can lead every generation in a leap forward for our conservative values.” - Kristen Pierce Honeycutt

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Kristen Pierce Honeycutt is weighing a bid for Congress for the GA 9th district. If you're in support of this we want to know you! Please fill out the form below so that we can get to know our supporters! 

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